AS 9100 Transition Modules in Central Scotland

Ideal for Auditor requiring to update to 'Revision D' of AS 9100, and other staff affected by the Standard.

£100offif updating an SQMCAS 9100 qualification


The requirements of the AS9100 standard are based on the same requirements as ISO 9001:2015, but with a number of additional clauses, sub clauses and notes. The additions are included generally to provide further emphasis on the aspect of product safety.

That’s not to say that product safety is ignored in the ISO standard, however the consequences of a product failure within the aviation, space or defence industry sectors may have catastrophic consequences to the industry and the wider population as a whole.

Many of the additional requirements included in the AS suite of standards come directly from the regulations developed over many years by national aviation authorities across the world and are often adopted as best practices where product safety is paramount.


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In a nutshell


  • Provides an understanding of the range and nature of the changes introduced in the Revision D.
  • Helps you to determine the changes needed within your organisation to meet the new requirements.
  • Aids you in addressing customer requirements, and keeps your previous AS 9100 (Rev. C) auditing qualification up-to-date and valid.


7 key points covered


  • The purpose and objectives of the IAQG (developers of the standard).
  • The high level structure of the standard.
  • The content of the standard.
  • The significant new and enhanced requirements of the standard.
  • Documentation requirements.
  • Knowledge to assess the impact on your current QMS.
  • The timescales and the deadlines you have to meet.


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If your auditor qualification was to the 2009 Standard, it is now obsolete.


  • The Transition deadline was September 2018.
  • Highlight and develop key changes as opportunities for improvement.


Secure your place on the next public course (using the booking form below) while it remains possible to refresh your quaification, without re-taking the full 3 day course. Please note that the module will be withdrawn in 2019.

Please don't hesitate to call our advisors during UK office hours if you have any questions.


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Price Includes

  • AS 9100:2009>2016 Correlation Matrix
  • Course notes
  • Quality, restaurant lunch
  • Refreshments
  • Certificate


For auditors, managers and staff familiar with the outgoing 'Revision C' of AS 9100.


1 day

Price Comparison*

Exclusive public course £499
* With alternative providers of the same type of course.

Assessment & Certification

Continual Assessment exercises verified by a Certificate of Successful Completion issued by the Scottish Quality Management Centre - an internationally accredited training provider.

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