ISO 14001:2015 Transition Course (single day)

High quality updater training in Scotland, for Environmental (EMS) auditors and managers.

save £100if updating any SQMC14001 qualification

Update your environmental auditor qualification

It is still possible to update your current environmental auditing qualification in accordance with the Standard's training requirements by attending SQMC's single day ISO 14001:2015 Transition workshop. As most auditors are now up-to-date, SQMC will withdraw this module in 2019. Thereafter, those who haven't updated through the module can enrol to re-attend the full, two day, ISO 14001 Internal Auditor course. Please note that Auditor certificates quoting the '2004' issue of the Standard are no longer acceptable during certification audits (as of the global deadline of September 2018).

Is it mandatory to update?

The Standard requires it for those already trained to the 2004 version, which became obsolete in September 2018.

If you are an Internal Auditor or Supplier Auditor, you should update your qualification in order to continue auditing Environmental Management Systems -- all of which should now be transitioned from the previous (2004) version to the new (2015) Standard. 

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I'm not an auditor. Should I attend?

This Transition workshop will be beneficial for anyone responsible for the implementation or maintenance of an ISO 14001-based Environmental Management System. Managers affected by an EMS should also consider attending the course, to gain a clear understanding of how the changes will impact their role.

Freelance consultants and trainers will also want to attend, in order to meet certain CPD demands for their profession.

Annex SL

Annex SL is the new framework on which all business management systems are being built upon. We cover this adequately from an auditor's perspective on this single day module; however, those seeking an in-depth understanding of Annex SL will require to attend a 2 day programme from an alternative training provider.

If you have any questions, please contact our Technical Department for further advice.

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Length of course

1 day 

SQMC-trained auditors may save £100

Save £100 when purchasing your place on this Transition workshop if you previously undertook your ISO 14001 (2004 version) Internal Auditor or combined Internal Health, Safety & Environmental Auditor training with us (offer will be applied to your invoice after enrolling).  Your certificate number will be required to claim the saving, however, if you are unable to quote this, our admin staff can locate this information in our database.

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Price Includes

  • ISO 14001:2004>2015 Correlation Matrix
  • Course notes
  • Certificate
  • Quality, restaurant lunch
  • Refreshments


Designed for anyone already familiar with the outgoing 20014 version of ISO 14001.


1 day

Price Comparison*

BSI £545
SQMC £449
* With alternative providers of the same type of course.

Assessment & Certification

Continuous Assessment, verified by Successful Completion certificate from the Scottish Quality Management Centre.

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