World Quality Day 2013

World Quality Day (WQD) 2013 is coming up, and SQMC will present two quality awards and a briefing session entitled “ISO 9001 – What to Expect in 2015”.

World Quality Day (WQD) is almost here and SQMC has a special event lined up to celebrate.

World Quality Day is organised by the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) and is this coming Thursday, 14th of November. CQI organises the day every year in order to promote awareness of quality around the world and to encourage individuals’ development and organisations’ prosperity.

This year’s WQD theme is ‘Making Collaboration Count’ and has been designed by CQI to reflect the importance of collaborating with colleagues, departments and partner organisations in order to achieve success.

WQD falls during World Quality Week, which runs from the 11th to 15th November.

As on previous World Quality Days, SQMC are presenting an award to Britain’s ‘Quality Professional of the Year’. 2013 also brings an additional award to accompany this: our ‘Lead Auditor Student of the Year’ for the academic year 2012-13.

Following the presentations, SQMC Technical Director, Ron Rivans – who is Chairman of the CQI’s West of Scotland branch – is hosting a briefing session entitled “ISO 9001 – What to Expect in 2015”. This 2 hour event will give those in attendance a useful ‘heads-up’ on how the significant changes planned for the upcoming revision to ISO’s most famous Quality Standard is likely to affect their work when it comes into play in a couple of years time.

Limited spaces remain for this afternoon event at our headquarters in Dunfermline, and interested parties are advised to contact us ASAP on 0845 166 8098.