Food safety processes prove quality is essential

SQMC’s Managing Director Ian Hannah discusses how food safety standards and processes, like BRC’s, prove quality is essential.

Food safety is essential for food suppliers of all sizes and simple steps taken to audit your organisation’s BRC Food Safety processes and continually monitor your Food Safety Management System can go a long way to guaranteeing the quality and source of your products.

The importance the media and consumers place on high standards in both food safety and product labelling was highlighted by the horse meat scandal, which began one year ago this week.

Food fraud is unacceptable to the public and by working to ensure you have a robust food safety management system and audit trail the risks to your brand are lessened.

"The importance of food quality and safety has never been higher," said SQMC Managing Director, Ian Hannah, "and major food buyers, such as supermarkets, deserve and demand the best.  Good internal quality auditing techniques are just as important in a field as in a factory!"

Food safety standards like BRCs’ exist to help manufacturers and retailers produce the highest quality product and maintain industry best practices through senior management commitment and continual improvement, site standards, process control, product control, and personnel training among others.

Compliance with BRC’s global standard not only helps organisations ensure food safety for customers but can also help your bottom line by guaranteeing a high level of quality of products and supply chains to businesses tendering for food suppliers.

If you’re interested in gaining a qualification in food safety, check out our Internal BRC Auditor course.