Assessors learn how to certify against new steel marking legislation

Assessors learned how to certify welding and fabrication companies against the EN 1090 Standard to comply with new legislation regarding CE marking.

Quality in construction materials is essential, as is compliance with legislation - that is why assessors from across Scotland attended a course to learn what is required to ensure welding and fabrication companies achieve the necessary industry standards to stay on the right side of the law.

The EU Construction Regulation came into effect on 1st July 2014. It requires all structural steel products to be CE marked and certified against the EN 1090 standard.

SQMC, an IRCA accredited training organisation, hosted the training event for assessors in its Dunfermline headquarters in conjunction with The Centre for Assessment (CfA).

Certification against EN 1090 can go a long way to help companies of all sizes to meet the legal obligations of CE marking. It can also help them win new business tenders by demonstrating that all their products are compliant with the law.

Operations Director for CfA Dave Harrison said: “As the people attending the course were already familiar with Quality Management Systems, we focused on training them in the requirements of the EN 1090 standard and how to achieve certification, including how to fill out the necessary documentation and to implement associated requirements.

“In my experience, the industry is still not ready for the new legal requirements regarding CE Marking. Many fabrication companies throughout the UK and particularly in Scotland still need to take action or risk being fined as well as miss out on contract opportunities.

“Larger companies in bigger towns tend to have a greater awareness of the new legislation, but several SMEs are unaware of these new laws and will find themselves unable to win new work without complying with the law.

“We aim to help businesses of all sizes learn what’s required to trade legally marked goods.”

CfA were invited to hold the course at SQMC’s premises after Dave and SQMC’s Director of Programmes Karen MacKenzie agreed on the importance of training in the EN 1090 standard to follow the new legislation.

Karen, who attended the course, is one of three assessors at SQMC who are now qualified to audit fabrication and welding companies against EN 1090 to help ensure their products are legally CE marked.