What does Quality look like?

Last year, Ian Hannah wrote a blog piece describing how well Enterprise Rent-a-Car performed at one of their Norfolk offices. So here’s my experience of dealing with the Aberdeen-based Communications Technology provider, Coltel Ltd...


‘C’ – customer service and good communication

I wanted a new phone, but I didn’t want to get bombarded with technical information and sales pressure. So I'd put off discussing my requirements with Coltel until I could put it off no longer. When I did approach them, they listened so carefully, and their manager offered to meet with me over a coffee and discuss my needs and options - at a time and place that suited me. I love it when a company wants to give the customer what the customer wants and not what they want the customer to have, and this was very much my experience with Coltel.

‘O’ – opportunity optimisation

Something every company should do every chance they get, and I saw it played out at Coltel whilst always keeping me at the forefront of the activity. They never lost focus on what I wanted (glorious evidence of conformance to customer related requirements in International Management Systems) but ensuring their processes looked after me so that I’d remain a customer and come to them for all my communication technology needs.

‘L’ – leadership from the top

Leading by example, showing hard work and honesty. Good training in customer focus coming through at all levels and well-defined processes to enable customer needs to be identified and met.

‘T’ – trust

I’ve been with Coltel for years and my recent transaction reminded me why. But I also like the on-going development of their processes from the outside-in, to meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders. They still have my trust as this was one of the best experiences I’ve had as a customer in the communications technology world.

‘E’ – efficiency and effectiveness...

...displayed at its best throughout the whole process. How easy they made everything for me in meeting my every requirement. I was delighted with my phone and the ease of setting it up; and I still absolutely love it!

‘L’ – loyalty

Yes indeed: I’ll be staying with Coltel as a provider, because I got exactly what I want - even though I couldn’t exactly articulate it. I got in on my terms, in my time, meeting every specification I set; and comfortably delivered with speed, accuracy and good manners!