ISO 9001:2015 - Significant Changes (Part 2)

The terminology, "product" is to be replaced by "goods and services", in the forthcoming version of ISO 9001.

Redrafting to make the standard more generic and more easily applicable by service industries.

Continued omission of specific reference to “services‟ was considered to be unsustainable if relevance to the service sector was to be enhanced. On that basis “product‟ has been replaced by “goods and services‟ when  ISO/CD 9001 specifically refers to the deliverables for the customer. This proposed change will be subject to a specific  briefing note and a request for ballot input from ISO/TC 176/SC 2 member bodies.

Where possible, clauses of the standard have been revised to reduce the prescriptive nature of some requirements which were originally derived from practices for the hardware sector, in particular clauses 7.1.4  Monitoring and measuring devices and 8.5 Development of goods and services.