Funding and Grants Available for ISO Systems Development

Your local council, Business Gateway or Business Link often has enterprise initiatives available for businesses seeking growth through management systems and certification.


13th March 2013: Fife Companies

If your SME is based in the Kingdom of Fife and you are considering implementing an ISO management system (particularly ISO 9001), contact us for details of a £400.00 per day subsidy which you may be elligibe for under an excellent scheme that is currently available (information correct at time of writing).

Are you eligible for financial assistance?

Depending on your business location, size and the subject area you require SQMC's assistance with, we may be able to point you in the direction of funding initiatives and grants that are made available from time to time by various local councils and business enterprise schemes (such as Business Gateway in Scotland, and Business Link in England and Wales).

We keep in touch with our colleagues in colleges, enterprise agencies, and the Chamber of Commerce to keep abreast of what pockets of money are being publicised (and, in some cases, those that are not publicised!) on behalf of our consultancy clients who indicate they require financial assistance.

Please contact us for further information.