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We’ve built a sizable client base across the United Kingdom and Europe over the years, from sole trader to large multinationals.


Thousands of satisfied customers

We've tried to include feedback from clients on most pages throughout our site, as we understand that third-party endorsements play an important part in helping new customers decide whether or not to trust a company with their training budget. SQMC spend a relatively small amount of our own yearly budget on advertising, preferring to allocate more money to research projects and training innovation. Fortunately, the efforts made by our tutors, consultants and 'backroom' staff draw recognition from satisfied customers, who spread the word about SQMC's services through personal recommendations. Here are a few more examples – we hope this helps make your decision easier!



"Once again, excellent!!! Now for the hard bit – implementing all this new-found knowledge."

Simon Lawrence (SIL Consulting)



"Excellent course. Tutors found perfect balance between teaching and practical sessions. Would recommend and use again."

Kevin Johnstone (IMS Scotland Ltd.)



"An excellent course which I would recommend to anyone wishing to get a Lead Auditor qualification."

Robin C. Clarke (self-funding individual)



"The experience of teaching personnel help turn notes into understanding."

David King (Savvy Management Systems)



"A very well delivered course. It fulfilled my expectations with a depth and breadth of expertise concerning the subject matter. Well done."

John Cowden (Argyll and Bute Council)



"Good course – learned a whole new profession!"

Glenn Barclay (Asda)



"Best course I have been on – really enjoyed it. Top tutor."

Robert McEwan (Marley Eternit)



"Enjoyed the course and hopefully will help me in future progress of my career. Would recommend for anyone who is wanting to gain knowledge on this subject."

Fraser Duff (SCA Packaging)



"Course very well laid out, understandable and very informative. Found it very worthwhile and venue is excellent."

Steven Anderson (Bridgeforth Engineering)



"A very worthwhile course that gives me as a relative newcomer to 'Quality' a very good understanding of the ISO 9001 'Bible'. Also please pass on to Ron and Derek my appreciation of their professionalism."

David Watson (Babcock)



"Very helpful in developing my on-going approach to quality auditing within the I.T. industry."

Scott Anderson (SACS)



"Good course, professionally delivered."

Malcolm Craig (Trading Standards)